Nickolas Guitars presents: The Mute-o-lator!

The Mute-o-lator is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest bass-mute around. Easy to slide on and off your bass to get that cool retro, muted tone.

Many early electric basses, like the Fender Precisions, had a foam strip under the bridge cover to mute the strings. This was to accommodate upright bass players giving them that attack and fast decay tone they were used to. This mute gave many players, like James Jamerson, who plays on most motown songs, their typical sound. The Mute-o-lator helps bring back this vintage tone!



With The Mute-o-lator you don't have to use the palm of your hand to mute the strings giving you the freedom to use both hands to play.

And since there is no upward force from under the strings The Mute-o-lator does not have any effect on your intonation.

Handmade in The Netherlands!

Availlable for all basses. Customizing possible.


NOTE: For delivery with track & Trace or outside The Netherlands please choose the right option. For delivery outside Europe please contact us.